Intersil A Renesas Company


With the roots in 1950 Intersil Corporation was founded in 1967 and has grown as a global leader specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance analog- and mixed signal semiconductors. Based in Milpitas, California, Intersil has around 1,300 employees worldwide and its revenue for fiscal year 2008 was US$769.7 Million.  

Intersil's product strategy is focused on broadening its portfolio of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) and General Purpose Proprietary Products (GPPP) targeted for four high-growth markets
  • Communications
  • Computing
  • High End Consumer
  • Industrial

MACNICA, Inc. has been closely working with Intersil, for more than 30 years, since they used to be a semiconductor division of Harris Corporation and ActiveComp, whom Macnica acquired in Jul 1st, 2008,  has also been working with Intersil as an exclusive sales rep in Central Europe for more than 5 years.

From June 1st, 2009, with highly talented and well-experienced experts on analog component, Macnica GmbH started to offer not only design support but also distribution support as a stocking rep in Central Europe. Through our global network, Macnia can offer seamless support from design-in to mass production regardless of the location of our customer's design centers/factories and their CMs.

Products & Features

Intersilteaser_2014_02_0.pngIntersil's leadership products include amplifiers, analog front ends, communication interfaces, data converters, digital potentiometers, display solutions, DSL solutions, optical storage products, power management products, power sequencers, real time clocks, smart batteries, switches/MUX's, VoIP products and ICs for military, space and rad-hard applications.

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